Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas trip

We had a great time on our Christmas trip to NC and SC.  Our plans were changed by a huge snowstorm!  We had originally planned on heading across Tennessee and straight to Nanny's in Waynesville, NC Sunday.

  We found out Saturday that there had been a huge rockslide on I40 (not sure when it happened) and the road was closed after Knoxville.  It created a 2 hour detour.  Then the snow started....  So we chose to go anyway but to go to Rock Hill, SC first a day early to see our sweet friends Paul and Kelly.  We arrived at almost midnight and slept in, then went to IHOP with Kelly while Paul drove up to Charlotte for an interview. 

Paul came home and we all went to Grouchos' subs for lunch then on to Charlotte to do some window shopping.  Kelly had a huge surprise for us but didn't tell us until we were almost to the surprise...  The Billy Graham library has a Christmas spectacular every year!  There are carriage rides, hot cider and chocolate, and tours of the complex, which include a large barn and Billy's home.  We had a great time riding the carriages and hearing the carolers along the way! 

To round out our evening, we went to the Cheesecake factory and had a yummy dinner then a great dessert!  We decided to rent the Hangover and laughed the whole movie! 

The next morning they made us eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon!  Paul is a great cook!

We left at about 1 pm and headed up to Waynesville, driving through snow covered mountains that had clear roads!  Nanny was thrilled to see us and had made her famous banana pudding and a 3 layer red velvet cake!  She told us stories about her family and we played with the cutest Pomeranian Copper until bed!  The next morning we got up, packed, and had a toaster strudel breakfast before hitting the road again!  We took the 2 hour detour on 40 and drove through beautiful mountains! 

I have some of the pictures posted on my twitpic on the right side of the screen and all of them on facebook! 

Merriest Christmas!

I hope all we Arkansans don't float away!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

ooooh....its cold!

Brr!  This Arkansas girl doesn't do so well in temperatures near freezing!  I already wear two shirts to work and a wool coat and furry scarf to work every day....now I have added a pink polarfleece to my work wardrobe!

So this weekend, imagine my delight when my dirty santa gift from our church party was a .....


I am in love with this thing!  I wear it around the house every night and now I sleep in it!  Here's a fun pic of my husband....check my twitter feed!

Any other snuggie lovers?  Stay warm!


Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm not dead, just busy!!

Hello Blog World!
I've been really busy and just haven't been blogging!  For shame!

To start, I got my fabulous scarf from Erin at theyoungrens.com and love it!  Pink sparkly and fluffy!

So me!

I am fast and furiously shopping for Christmas...and working on a scrapblog of my brother's wedding for his new wife. 

Left to buy....
Grandma and Grandpa
Steve (one more thing...only one more!)
Mary and Terry

That's it!  I have bought for everyone else!  I haven't wrapped yet though....
I put my tree up and decorated my house for Christmas on DECEMBER 1!  I was so proud! 

Onward to MORE holiday parties and Leigh Anne's wedding on New Years Eve!  But first...a week long trip to North Carolina to see Nanny and Paul and Kelly!

We are so excited!  I'll catch up with pictures soon!