Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

23 weeks and 4 days update!

Hello Lovely Readers!
Here is the semi-weekly update along with school and job countdowns!  Please pray for me as I transition jobs!

Pregnancy update
How far along? 23 weeks 4 days!

Total weight gain: 20 pounds so far....ugh!  But I haven't weighed since week 21!

Maternity clothes?: I'm transitioning to dresses and comfy shoes for clinical, and I need to buy new scrubs for my new job....debating maternity clothes vs. size or two larger scrubs. 

Sleep: Slept well last night for the first time in weeks!  Still having issues but praying for relief!

Cravings: Mexican

Best moment this week: Laying down for bed last night and feeling Avery move.  I was 100% sure this time, for the first time!

Movement: Last night I was SURE!  Hoping Steve will get to feel her soon!

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: none yet, thank God!

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: Coffee.  So. Badly.  I miss my daily wake up call!

Weekly Wisdom: Keep mom out of stores...she is getting a bit crazy shopping for this girl!

Milestones: Ordered furniture last night!

Favorite Moments: Buying baby clothes with mom, hanging them up in the nursery, and showing everyone who comes over the quilt and bedding and clothes!

Countdown to ER
2 shifts left in IR...no more call....got my ER schedule and preceptor and have my dates until September so we can plan showers!!

School countdown
4 weeks down 6 to go...two paper down, 3 to go, site visit DONE, big paper, clinical case poster presentation, one test done, 2 tests to go, and 125 hours of clinical time! Must start on Portfolio (first section due July 13) and get all my dates together for FALL!  I can't wait to finish my masters before this baby gets here!

I'm so glad my husband supports me and prays for me.  I'm so glad God has gifted us with the opportunity to be parents soon and the opportunity for me to go to school.  I'm thankful that God has gifted me with an easy pregnancy so far and the finances to buy what we need for Avery so far. 


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

22 weeks and 4 days update!

Hello Lovely Readers!
Here is the semi-weekly update along with school and job countdowns!  Please pray for me as I transition jobs!

Pregnancy update
How far along? 22 weeks 4 days!

Total weight gain: 20 pounds so far....ugh!

Maternity clothes?: All I'm wearing....not even attempting regular clothes since I found out about the 20 lb wt gain...on the plus side, I have only gained 5 lbs more than I have ever weighed!

Sleep: Never enough.  Since I went back to school three weeks ago, I can't get enough rest and ALWAYS have a headache. 

Cravings: foood......doesn't matter what kind. 

Best moment this week: Shopping with mom Saturday.  Can't wait for the stroller blanket and diaper cover to come in!  I'll take pictures!

Movement: 99% sure I felt it! 

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: none yet, thank God!

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: Being able to walk fast....I am starting to really slow down due to SI joint pain and pelvic pain

Weekly Wisdom: DO NOT spend money on baby stuff.  DO NOT spend money on baby stuff.  I am so tempted to buy the crib pillow ($38) and I need to recover and paint the glider!

Milestones: Feeling her move, for 99% sure this time.

Favorite Moments: Picking up the FREE glider from a friend (we will have to paint it and recover the cushions...but it was free!)  Shopping with mom for a stroller blanket and diaper cover, getting sweet baby clothes from my brother and his wife, and getting the crib quilt and extra sheet in from pottery barn!  I can't wait to order furniture this WEEKEND!!!!

Countdown to ER
5 shifts left in IR...no more call....still waiting on my ER schedule but I should start on June 29!

School countdown
3 weeks down 7 to go...one paper down, 4 to go, site visit DONE, big paper, clinical case poster presentation, 3 tests, and 133 hours of clinical time!  (Must take one test this week and get one paper done....need to do the paper tonight!)  Must start on Portfolio (first section due July 13) and get all my dates together for FALL!  I can't wait to finish my masters before this baby gets here!

Love you,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Changes in Plans....Memphis and Baby Shopping!

Hello Lovely Readers!
So Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary! We celebrated by working then having dinner at 1620 and exchanging cards. 

Saturday we headed to Memphis to spend some time together shopping and eating out.  We started at the Pottery Barn Kids outlet, since my bedding (see previous post) was taken off sale....

And we found some!  It's not the same but is $100 cheaper once we order the quilt that was not at the outlet!
We bought the bumper, sheet, and crib skirt for $89!  It was originally $159 and is on the website for $129. 
We ordered the quilt and an extra sheet...I am trying to decide if the quilted pillow (immediately above) is worth $38 plus shipping (monogrammed and with the pillow insert).

We then went to the Williams Sonoma outlet and back to pottery barn. Steve got the great white square dinner plates he has wanted for years!

Then we headed to the soccer store and Steve got a goalie jersey, shorts, and new socks.  He was thrilled and it was his anniversary/birthday present!

After that we headed to Bartlett/Cordova/Germantown to shop.  We went in search of the Nike store and ended up at the factory, then back to Dick's sporting goods hunting for a team USA world cup jersey.  They were all smalls or mediums :(

We went to a really awesome baby story called Baby Time, but everything was SOOOOO expensive.  We did make some decisions about changing table vs. dresser, hutch vs. shelving, colors, and brands.  It was nice to have Steve's input!

Then to Joe's Crab Shack!  Steve has been talking about it all week!
He was so excited!
I got coconut shrimp, tilapia, a crab cake, and veggies and rice!

After we ate, I dragged Steve to Babies R Us.  They pretty much had what we have here in LR so we left pretty quickly.

We then went to the mall and got about halfway around before it closed.  Then to sleep!

This morning we got up (too early) and ate at Waffle House, then stopped at PetSmart and tried to shop, but all the stores were closed.  We walked through Big Lots and decided to get on the road.

Here are pictures of the actual bedding we bought and few sweet things!
The sheet....I ordered an extra when we ordered the quilt!
The bed skirt!
The bumper unrolled!
The other set we found at PBK was the B is for Bunny set and we fell in love with this sweet rabbit!
A steal for $12!
We went to GAP and Steve picked out these onesies.  I know they were overpriced at $18, but I thought it was so sweet he picked them out!!!

So here are the other things I now want for her room!
I love these mirrors!  It would be great to find them for a better price!  (pbk website)
These hooks are so sweet!  Unfortunately they are also almost $20 a piece....let's find them somewhere else!!
I love pottery barn baskets!  The bedding has some pink gingham so I am on the hunt for pink gingham and white!  I WILL NOT pay pottery barn prices for these!
I will find these shelves for cheaper!  I love the items on them and how they are arranged! 
I know these first year frames are so cute!  I will have to keep looking for this too....I don't want to pay $49 for it!
These art prints are on Etsy for $15...I may have to splurge after I see how the room is coming together!
Another Etsy find...$5 a piece.  I could do that, right??

So more changes....I convinced Steve to go with a white crib and dresser!  Yay! 
Here is my new pick for crib and dresser!

I love the Graco Victoria Crib!!!  It is $200 at walmart.com and converts to a full size bed!
I also love this Graco three drawer dresser!  I can just see her changing pad on it now with shelves above!  It is $290!

I'm still on the hunt for an upholstered glider.  Help!!!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dr. Appointment, Ultrasound and Gender Reveal Party!

Hello Lovely Readers!

So yesterday was THE BIG DAY.  I couldn't sleep.  I couldn't eat (that's a lie, I can always eat), and I couldn't wait to see our bundle and find out how things were going and if our child is healthy....and of course the gender.  I have been planning the gender reveal party for a month!

We arrived at 0745 and nervously waited until 0815 for our 0800 appointment.  She went for the butt first, and said "huh, those legs are really crossed lets do all the measurements."  We saw the cord, the heart, the kidneys, the brain, the stomach, the circulation, the head measurements, the spine measurements, a femur, an arm, but no face.....and no way to see the gender.  She finally gave up and sent us to our appointment at 0845.  Erica was so sweet to say "Come back after your appointment and I'll look again!"  She gave us this sweet picture.
                                                                 Its a sweet foot!

We waited for the doctor for about 20 minutes and had a 10 minute visit, all was well, heart rate 150 and fundal height 20 weeks.  My blood pressure was low (for me) so he told me to be careful....and I've gained 20 pounds, so I'm a bit down at this point...and nervous we won't know the gender for the party tonight.

We went back to ultrasound and were told Erica was busy and we had to wait AGAIN.  We were dying!  I knew everyone was coming over to hear the gender and didn't want to say....we don't know....or purple!

After about 10 more agonizing minutes...we went back and the baby had moved a bit.  Still no way to see its face, but it spread its legs for a minute and we saw....
                                                                          Its a girl!!!!

We left separately so Steve could get to work and both our minds were at ease....we are having a sweet baby girl!

I met Steve's sister Leigh Anne at Michaels so we could buy things for our nursery project....
She made it, I just paid for the letters and plaque.  She is so talented!  I picked out the letters and plaque and we planned the colors together! We decided was a great way to share the name with our families!

I went to clinical just so I could have something to do so I wouldn't tell my mom (She can get ANYTHING out of me)....but before that Leigh Anne and I went shopping and had lunch.  I don't have to tell you I was a very successful shopper.

Mom had bought the sweet Dr. Seuss animals and books about a month ago, and I bought out the clearance rack of dresses!  I bought mostly 6-9 month so our little girl will be styling next spring and summer!  I got over $200 in clothes for $50!

Clinical was wonderful as usual, and I raced home to plan the party after a few stops.  I went to Kinkos' and got copies of the ultrasound pictures for my mom, mother in law, and my aunt Rinda (my adopted grandmother who cared for me while my parents worked).  I also picked up the balloons I ordered a few weeks ago at Party City.  As soon as I got home I started brownies, making the jello cake, and setting up the furniture for the party.

Pink Raspberry Punch!
Pink and Blue plates and napkins and votes!
The all important cake!  I baked a white cake on Monday and bought pink and blue jello....My mom loves to make jello cakes and I thought it would be a great "cheap" way to tell!  The cake cutters on either side are from our wedding cakes and the envelopes are the pictures for our moms!  Jello cakes are easy, just make a white cake, poke holes in it with a straw, mix up jello as on the package, and instead of putting it in the refrigerator, pour it over the cake and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.  Then frost with cool whip...mmmmm.  I mixed some of the pink with the coolwhip and had to cover it up with fruit...so glad I had strawberries and blueberries in the house!  It is in the pan to prevent peeking!  I read other blogs about having moms cut into cakes to tell the gender...It was a big hit!
Everyone arrived by 1915 and we were ready to cut!  Aunt Rinda is on the left, Mom is in the middle and Mary is on the right.  Leigh Anne was late because her hands were covered in pink paint!

Here we go!  I love my brother and his wife leaning over to peek!

So now everyone is so happy! I love mom's face!  And Mary is telling Sally on the phone, and I was on the phone with my sweet friend Kelly while taking pictures~!

And the name reveal!

My daddy was excited!
Enjoying some family time...
Laura, Amy and Mary!

Next, the nursery tour after a few shots of Steve and I!
Talking to Kelly.  (Love you!)
My hair was looking rough!  I love how happy Steve looks!
Had to get a belly shot!  No one believes me when I say I am pregnant!

Rinda, Me, Chris and Rachael in Avery's room in front of her closet.
The Anderson/Swaty/Shuler bunch!  I know I look like my mom!
Gifts!  I didn't expect anything!  Chris and Rachael got me a sweet maternity shirt, mom and dad got us a "i love grandma" bib and white booties, and Mary and Terry and Laura got us a Tennessee onesie, bib, and pacifier with clip! 
Mom and Dad also got us a "boy gift" and gave it to us anyway...it was a set of bibs and a toy car.

So to close, we had wonderful day announcing Avery Grace Shuler....we are so in love with her already and are so blessed!
Avery's Blessing Ring.  It has all the cards we have received since we found out we were pregnant.  It's just a sweet reminder of how blessed we all are!


P.S.  Do you want to see the video?