Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

11 weeks and 5 days!

Hello lovely readers!
I thought I would have fun news from my OB visit yesterday so I held off the 11 week post.  But alas, a very boring doctors appointment.  I went alone (a first for me) and got to hear the heartbeat.  I was sick last week with a bladder infection so they checked my urine today to see if it is better, and since I have already gained more weight than they wanted, I had a glucose tolerance test today.   My doctor also told me not to run...:(,  I specifically asked because when I run, I have pain on my R side where my cyst is from polycystic ovarian disease, and he said to not run.  Great.  So I gain too much weight and can't run it off (or run to keep it down)....any ideas other than eating fruit for three meals a day?

So enough griping, I am so thrilled to be pregnant.  I know it sounds silly, but I can't wait until it is obvious to others.  I tell people I am pregnant and they look at my stomach and say "really?"  I guess I should be thankful, but people keep rubbing my (small) fat roll and aren't anywhere near the baby.  I am still wearing all my normal clothes easily, and can only see a bump when I try to "suck in." 

My sweet mom bought me all the Dr. Seuss books and stuffed animals from my last post for baby Shuler.  I am so excited!  I'm trying to talk Steve into ordering nursery furniture soon.  I don't go back to the doctor until May 4, so until then I won't know alot about the baby unless I can get a secret ultrasound. 

And by the way, we have finalized our picks for names.  I think in June when we find out the sex we will have a pink and blue party and announce it to friends and family.  I saw a really neat pink and blue post today where they colored a white cake blue and iced it green, then had a family member cut into it to announce the sex!  Tell me some ideas!  Another idea I had was to set up the nursery and buy the bedding then invite everyone over for dinner and open the nursery and have a banner that says "Baby (H__________ or A________) arriving in October!  I really want to make this special since we announced our pregnancy on FACEBOOK.  Yes, the evil facebook.  I was still on the phone with my mom when Steve had already posted it and my phone was going crazy with calls and texts...I hadn't even told my dad yet! 

I'll have a 12 week post on time!  Hopefully the "energy burst" they speak of will come about and I'll pass my classes!


Friday, March 19, 2010

10 week thoughts...

10 thoughts for 10 weeks...and more nursery ideas.  ( I know, I am obsessed)
1.  I am going crazy.
2.  I am *still* tired.
3.  I think I'm having a boy...why I don't know.
4.  I am obsessed with nurseries and decorating and baby...but scared I won't be a good mom.
5.  I am thankful I work in radiology because I get to see my baby *almost* whenever I want!
6.  The most exciting thing that happened this week is that Steve bought me a vaccuum and vaccummed my house.  For serious.
7.  I don't care about school anymore.  Is that normal?  I didn't care when I failed a test last week. (but I did get to retake it and pass).
8.  I am still scared something (bad) will happen to the baby and eagerly await April 2, the first day of my second trimester.
9.  The thought that I am a fourth of the way through this pregnancy scares me, delights me, and thrills me all at the same time.
10.  I have the best husband in the world.  Don't fight me, I will win.  When I tell people all the sweet things he does for me, they are jealous and tell me how spoiled I am.  Let me list for you some reasons....  (1. cooks for me (I don't know how) 2. cleans when I ask 3. Does laundry more than half the time 4. Plans the meals, does the checkbook, and shops for groceries 5. Tucks me in at night 6. Prays for me daily 7. Always puts me first 8. Does little things just to make me happy 9. Drives me to work in the snow because I'm too scared 10. Gets up early to take care of errands)

So I promised nursery ideas...since I am CONVINCED I am having a boy, we have picked a name (which I WILL NOT share for lest it being stolen) and I have *mentally* decorated the nursery.

The theme will be................Dr. Seuss!
There are two current collections out....

and a Pottery Barn Kids Collection that is on CLEARANCE!

Or I could just piece it together....

I am very tempted to buy the Dr. Seuss books and plushes at Kohls right now...a girl would like them too, right?

Finally found a girl Dr. Seuss Nursery!!!!

Love you all!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Pictures!

So my friends are wonderful and take secret ultrasound pictures for me!  Enjoy! 

This is why I LOVE being a radiology nurse!  We saw the heartbeat and saw arms and legs today!

Friday, March 12, 2010

9 weeks, praise the Lord!

 Hello Lovely Readers!
Today marks 9 weeks!  I couldn't be happier that the three of us have made it this far.  It doesn't seem like I've known I was pregnant for 5 weeks.  It seems so surreal!

It still doesn't seem real sometimes.  My first outside physical clue was when I was getting dressed this week, I tried to "suck in" and there was a lump there?!  Wow! 

I have really struggled with fear this week.  I don't want to live in captivity to fear of something happening to this child.  I have talked to so many people who didn't tell a soul until the end of the first trimester or who miscarried at 6 or 8 weeks.  So I got to googling...(you know I love to google if I don't know the answer) and scared myself silly.  Every twinge I have felt the last few days has set me into a fearful mood.  Please pray for me! 

Steve is doing well and is so proud he is going to finally be a daddy.  He seems to be handling it well, just trying to focus on tasks to get ready, like getting the nursery ready and ordering furniture soon. 

By the way, I'm leaning toward WHITE furniture!  Me, the wood and brown fabric lover?!  Thoughts?

We got the carpet installed on Wednesday.  I'll post pics soon.  The room looks very empty and lonely and I can't wait to fill it with baby things!

No new ultrasound picture this week, my friend was busy yesterday and we didn't get to look at the baby.  :(

How do you deal with unwanted pregnancy advice?  Especially from family?  I'm an RN and I've been trying to get pregnant since November 2008, so I have read almost every website and book about it (when I wasn't crying thinking it would never happen), so I feel like I know how to take care of myself.  I don't know about parenting and will need lots of help with that, but I think I know how to eat and how much caffiene to drink and not drink...HELP!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nursery Renovation!

Hello Lovely Readers!

It's been a busy week at the Shuler Casa!

We tore out the carpet from the office (now nursery) and painted the walls and floors.  New carpet is coming today!  I painted the baseboards (no VOC paint) and Steve painted the walls Olympic Green Grapes!

We already have white wood blinds to rehang and the closet is white too!  I am torn between white or wood furniture...Steve wants wood and I kind of like white....

Here are some pictures and the nursery shopping will begin!  My ideas will be on here, don't worry!

Green Grapes!

Our window!                                                                          Me painting...not my best side...

Nursery Ideas so far..

I love this gender neutral bedding!

My favorite furniture..comes in wood or white!

My nursery inspiration....

That's all!

and by the way, one of my best friends is pregnant!  She is 13 weeks and I am so happy for her!  Love you Jessica!

Monday, March 8, 2010

8 weeks!

Hello lovely readers! 
So sorry there was a bug on my page but I have fixed it and spruced up my blog for spring!

I'm 8 weeks and doing well!  I have a picture for you!

So no vomiting, just nausea and SLEEPINESS.  So tired all the time....school is harder and harder because I have no energy.

I'm a neat freak and my house is a disaster.  Does that give you a clue how tired I am?

Love you,