Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Friday, March 19, 2010

10 week thoughts...

10 thoughts for 10 weeks...and more nursery ideas.  ( I know, I am obsessed)
1.  I am going crazy.
2.  I am *still* tired.
3.  I think I'm having a boy...why I don't know.
4.  I am obsessed with nurseries and decorating and baby...but scared I won't be a good mom.
5.  I am thankful I work in radiology because I get to see my baby *almost* whenever I want!
6.  The most exciting thing that happened this week is that Steve bought me a vaccuum and vaccummed my house.  For serious.
7.  I don't care about school anymore.  Is that normal?  I didn't care when I failed a test last week. (but I did get to retake it and pass).
8.  I am still scared something (bad) will happen to the baby and eagerly await April 2, the first day of my second trimester.
9.  The thought that I am a fourth of the way through this pregnancy scares me, delights me, and thrills me all at the same time.
10.  I have the best husband in the world.  Don't fight me, I will win.  When I tell people all the sweet things he does for me, they are jealous and tell me how spoiled I am.  Let me list for you some reasons....  (1. cooks for me (I don't know how) 2. cleans when I ask 3. Does laundry more than half the time 4. Plans the meals, does the checkbook, and shops for groceries 5. Tucks me in at night 6. Prays for me daily 7. Always puts me first 8. Does little things just to make me happy 9. Drives me to work in the snow because I'm too scared 10. Gets up early to take care of errands)

So I promised nursery ideas...since I am CONVINCED I am having a boy, we have picked a name (which I WILL NOT share for lest it being stolen) and I have *mentally* decorated the nursery.

The theme will be................Dr. Seuss!
There are two current collections out....

and a Pottery Barn Kids Collection that is on CLEARANCE!

Or I could just piece it together....

I am very tempted to buy the Dr. Seuss books and plushes at Kohls right now...a girl would like them too, right?

Finally found a girl Dr. Seuss Nursery!!!!

Love you all!

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