Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

15 weeks and 4 days!

Hello lovely readers!

I am staying late at work tonight to help out my boss, so I have a little time to write.

Things are good with the baby (as far as I know), no ultrasounds lately, the BIG one should be in late May early June.  I can't wait to find out the sex and if everything is ok!  I STILL think its a boy!

School will have a short break coming up soon!  I have two small papers, one day of clinical and one test left this semester!  Whoo!  Then on to summer (May 26 :(,,,) but I'll only go to class 3 times and go to clinical 18+ hours per week...whew!  I'm tired just thinking about it but excited for all I will learn!

For those of you who pray, please say one for me.  I am trying to make a tough decision and need God to tell me plainly what to do.  I tend to jump into things without his guidance so please pray that this decision won't be like that!

Work is ok, lately it has been less stressful....yay!  I'm on call on Memorial day so maybe I will make some money for baby furniture!

I am still leaning towards Dr. Seuss for our (boy) or pink/green and lots of patterns for a girl.  Steve and I went to Babies R Us and found some things we liked and discussed baby furniture and what we could afford, etc.  It was neat to see his input.  We looked at gliders and of course I wanted the most expensive one.  Please send recommendations for comfy (but cheaper!) gliders.  I know I will spend alot of time in it rocking and feeding our little one, so I don't mind spending the money, but need some advice! 

Also, as far as car seats/travel systems go, I am not sure what to do.  My sweet friend Katie gave me some advice and showed me her travel system, but I don't think the stroller will fit in my Nissan Maxima (1997 baby!  205,000 miles and WONT quit!!!)  Also, it is REALLY heavy.  I do like her idea of gender neutral and with a car seat with bases that stay put and the carrier that snaps into the stroller.  I love the one touch fold down too!  Moms, help!  Here is a pic of the one she picked for Eli (due to arrive in 3 weeks!)

As far as cribs go, I know our little one won't spend much time there but I would prefer one that converts to a toddler bed and then a full bed with a dresser/changer combo (or cheap dresser and changing table) and Steve wants wood, but not light colored wood.  We liked this one on our shopping trip.

I didn't think I would like a combo but it seems so easy to just lift the baby out and put them on the changer.  Steve is very insistent that the changer have rails instead of the dresser with a changing pad option, since he will be doing diaper duty too and is very worried about the baby's safety if it doesn't have rails. 

I am so excited about everything coming together!  I can't wait to see our little miracle soon (in an ultrasound, not in person yet) and can't wait to start SHOPPING!  I haven't needed maternity clothes yet but I am definitely starting to show!  My stomach still looks "fat" instead of "pregnant" but I have been reassured that will come quickly!


Monday, April 19, 2010

14 Weeks and 3 Days!

Hello Lovely Readers!
I'm 14 weeks and 3 days today!  I can't wait to go back to the doctor May 4 and find out how the little one is doing.  My sweet friend Jessica just found out she is having a boy!  I have started having trouble sleeping and am pretty miserable today.  I am trying to be positive but work is just dragging me down every day.  I've been praying every time I can stop my mind but no answers yet....  I'm so ready to feel better!

I had a pretty rotten weekend except for my time at Harmony Clinic.  I really enjoyed having a place to "do good" and met some really great people.  Steve and I had an amazing lunch at Tazikis then explored downtown NLR...not a bad time! 

School is the home stretch this semester!  One case presentation, 3 small papers, and one test to go!  Then I have 2 whole weeks off!!!  This summer I found a preceptor to work with and I am really excited!

I need to figure out something else to call the baby.  He or She is a pretty big bean so I guess I can't call him/her the bean any more!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

13 weeks...how the time is flying!

Hello Lovely Readers!
I'm 13 weeks and 4 days today!  I couldn't be more excited!

My husband told me Saturday that he thinks I am showing....not too sure about that.  I think I just look "fat." 

I went to Branson this weekend and had a GREAT time at the Geyer Springs FBC ladies retreat at Branson Landing.  Our guest speaker was Laurie Cole and she was amazing!  I kept closing my eyes and thinking she was Beth Moore!  I discovered I am in the "summer" season right now, since I am busy but things are good and I have trouble getting time away for reflection and prayers.....but I know that any other season could come at any time!

Branson is tons of fun, but I love shopping!  I had a great time at the outlet mall and got a new black coach bag and wallet!  I have already gotten endless compliments on it!  Enjoyed being with my MIL and SIL and my friend Amber.  It was a fun ride up and back, and I enjoyed the SCHOOL-less time. 

School....blah...  I am so glad I only have one test and 4 small papers left for this semester, plus my site visit on Thursday.  I have class tomorrow and am planning on writing one small paper during class because I...have....no.....energy......   Our next test is over cardiac, my specialty, and I hope I do much better on it!

Work is not so great...I have been exposed to many diseases and radioactive patients lately and it is starting to freak me out.  I talked to my boss about it and he was very sympathetic, but I don't know if my responsibilities will change at all.  I am sure it will be more of the same.  Please pray for leadership and direction for me and if I need to change jobs to protect our bundle. 

Baby....well, I can't feel him/her, I am scared to weigh myself, and I'm starting to worry.  I think its natural to worry but I wish I could see him/her sooner and make sure "the bean" is ok.  I won't get to do my ultrasound or find out the sex until June, but I go back to OB on May 4.  I hope all is still well then.  Someone asked me if I was having twins today.  I think they are crazy.  But it still freaked me out.  The only complaints I have are trouble sleeping, constipation, and moodiness.  I'm not craving anything, I'm just hungry ALL THE TIME.  And I have to pee ALL THE TIME.  I miss running so bad I could cry.  Everytime I see a runner I get jealous.  One of my besties ran a 5K without me and had her personal best and came in 2nd in her age division!  So proud, but so JEALOUS. 

Husband...couldn't ask for more!  He is so helpful to me and so loving....he even called me today to tell me not to come to his softball games tonight so I can go home and rest.  I've been sleeping every second lately.  I am such a spoiled loved woman!

Love you all!

Monday, April 5, 2010

12 weeks and a need to vent some stress....

Hello Lovely Readers!

Beware....if you don't want to read my stressed out rant, stop now.  :)

I am so happy that we've made it to 12 weeks!  It is such a relief to know our risk of miscarriage has dropped and all was well with my lab testing!

But I am exhausted.  Work and school and pregnancy are not as manageable as I thought...I knew it would be tough but I thought I would still do well at all three.  Let's start with work...

Work has been very stressful and going through lots of changes.  My ob didn't realize I work in radiation and was pretty concerned about it, which made me much more concerned.  But, I am gainfully employed and like my job and most of my coworkers.  It's constant chaos, which I used to find fun but now I am mentally exhausted by all the constant changes. 

School....this is where it is really rough right now.  I did 6 days of work/school last week.  My preceptor informed me that she put in her 2 weeks notice and was told to leave immediately, so I no longer have an APN to shadow a day a week for school.  A good friend of mine is an APN and let me work with her on Saturday to get some hours in. After 6 hours of work in the ER, I went to a friends' house and studied for three hours for a test, then went and took the test and failed it.  Yes, failing is less than an 80% but I made a 70% pulling my whole average down to failing.  I previously had a 84% by my other 3 tests and a project.  I am counting on my acute vs. chronic paper to pull me back up, as well as our last test.  I'm so tired!  After I took my test I tried to start on my paper and got it formatted, articles pulled up for evidences, and started each section, but I was so tired (10:15 pm) I went to hug Steve and get some reassurance and fell asleep.  He tried to wake me but couldn't, and finally just let me nap until midnight then put me to bed. 

Pregnancy..still feeling well, just EXHAUSTED.  I thought this week I was supposed to feel better?  We will see!  I go back to the doctor May 4 and can get my ultrasound in June...I can't wait to see our baby and work on the nursery!  My sister in law is a photographer and is indignant that I'm not showing yet...she actually threatened to photoshop a belly onto me so she can take some pictures!  Everyone keeps rubbing my fat roll (It's small but there) and saying hi baby, and I just let them.  He/She is under there...just a little lower than people can "comfortably" touch.  My sweet friend Christie and her husband got to both feel their little girl kick Sunday morning!  I can't wait until we can do that too!

So that wasn't too negative right?  Please pray for me with school....I know that God has called me to this and will make a way for me to get through it but I am really struggling with fatigue and trying to do all I need to do.