Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Monday, April 5, 2010

12 weeks and a need to vent some stress....

Hello Lovely Readers!

Beware....if you don't want to read my stressed out rant, stop now.  :)

I am so happy that we've made it to 12 weeks!  It is such a relief to know our risk of miscarriage has dropped and all was well with my lab testing!

But I am exhausted.  Work and school and pregnancy are not as manageable as I thought...I knew it would be tough but I thought I would still do well at all three.  Let's start with work...

Work has been very stressful and going through lots of changes.  My ob didn't realize I work in radiation and was pretty concerned about it, which made me much more concerned.  But, I am gainfully employed and like my job and most of my coworkers.  It's constant chaos, which I used to find fun but now I am mentally exhausted by all the constant changes. 

School....this is where it is really rough right now.  I did 6 days of work/school last week.  My preceptor informed me that she put in her 2 weeks notice and was told to leave immediately, so I no longer have an APN to shadow a day a week for school.  A good friend of mine is an APN and let me work with her on Saturday to get some hours in. After 6 hours of work in the ER, I went to a friends' house and studied for three hours for a test, then went and took the test and failed it.  Yes, failing is less than an 80% but I made a 70% pulling my whole average down to failing.  I previously had a 84% by my other 3 tests and a project.  I am counting on my acute vs. chronic paper to pull me back up, as well as our last test.  I'm so tired!  After I took my test I tried to start on my paper and got it formatted, articles pulled up for evidences, and started each section, but I was so tired (10:15 pm) I went to hug Steve and get some reassurance and fell asleep.  He tried to wake me but couldn't, and finally just let me nap until midnight then put me to bed. 

Pregnancy..still feeling well, just EXHAUSTED.  I thought this week I was supposed to feel better?  We will see!  I go back to the doctor May 4 and can get my ultrasound in June...I can't wait to see our baby and work on the nursery!  My sister in law is a photographer and is indignant that I'm not showing yet...she actually threatened to photoshop a belly onto me so she can take some pictures!  Everyone keeps rubbing my fat roll (It's small but there) and saying hi baby, and I just let them.  He/She is under there...just a little lower than people can "comfortably" touch.  My sweet friend Christie and her husband got to both feel their little girl kick Sunday morning!  I can't wait until we can do that too!

So that wasn't too negative right?  Please pray for me with school....I know that God has called me to this and will make a way for me to get through it but I am really struggling with fatigue and trying to do all I need to do. 


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