Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 months...how time flies!

Hello Lovely Readers!
I can't believe sweet Avery is 2 months old!  We celebrated by getting pictures with Santa.
How sweet is this!!!!

Today Avery had her two month check up!  She is 10 lbs 3.2 ounces!  She is now 22 1/2 inches long!

This breastfeeding mama is proud!

Speaking of, I'm getting concerned about going back to work.  I'm going to have to pump 5 times a day to make enough milk to leave her for 12 hours.  I have to work back to back 9-9 NYE and 7-7 NYD, and I'm not sure how I can do it.  Since Avery is so fussy and not sleeping well, my pediatrician suggested formula supplementation to help me get some sleep and be less stressed.  I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I am stressed all the time about feeding her.  If I go anywhere, it is so hard to time when to feed her and worry the whole time that she will wake up hungry and I'll be banished to a bedroom/my car/dressing room/bathroom to nurse her.  She nurses for at least 40 minutes, and if I stop sooner she screams her little head off.  :)  I feel like I should breast feed since I'm a nurse and know how good it is for her, and its free, and convenient when I am home with her.  Any advice?  I know people have strong opinions about this, and I welcome input, but know in the end I will pray and make the best decision for our family.

Please be praying, I sent in my paperwork for my APN temporary license and paid for my certification exam this week.  I am hoping to find a great job soon and transition to the job I've been training for over the past 3.5 years.  We don't have a graduation ceremony in the fall, so I won't walk until May, so not many people know I have graduated.  I have to admit it doesn't feel real since there is no ceremony.  I am praying that I find the right job, I have a few feelers out but I want the RIGHT job, not just the first job I am offered.  I want what is best for our sweet family!

I'm getting excited about Christmas, Steve has been sick so I decorated the house yesterday and mom came over and helped with getting the boxes of decorations in the house and holding Avery so I could put things out.  I always wait for Steve to help decorate the tree, so it is still bare since he has been feeling badly and not up to decorating with me.  I've never had a naked tree, so it kind of weirds me out.  I want to make sure to wait for him though, its tradition!  Pictures soon!

I really want to order monogrammed stockings for our family....pottery barn is my favorite but they are so expensive!  Any ideas about other places to get them?

Ho ho ho!  Remember the reason for the season!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving! And a celebration!

Hello lovely readers!

For thanksgiving this year we started the celebration early.  Wednesday night mom made an amazing meal and we all ate well!  Avery looked very cute (and very milkdrunk)!!

Thursday morning we got up early and started the long drive to North Carolina.  We stopped in Brinkley, West Memphis, Jackson, Nashville, Knoxville, and finally arrived in Waynesville.  Avery and I were exhausted, but she likes the car and slept most of the time.  She stayed up most of the night because she missed the road noise.  Our view from the hotel was fantastic!

That day Avery met Nanny.  Prepare the kleenex before watching!  She was dressed to the nines!
We had Thanksgiving lunch on Friday with Nanny and our NC family.  Steve went up to see his grandmothers grave while I took a much needed nap!

Saturday we drove halfway back and stayed the night in Jackson.  Avery didn't sleep AGAIN.  By this time I was pretty miserable!  Sunday we got up and drove home, had to stop in Memphis and then again at home, finally!  That night was terrible...Avery cried for 5 hours straight before we realized she missed the road noise from the car.  Steve and I were both at the end of our ropes...then she passed out.  It didn't last long...I was so exhausted. 

Yesterday mom came over and kept Avery so I could defend my portfolio.  I passed with a 94%!  I met and studied with a few friends and I am taking my test tonight after my last day of clinical!

Now I need to decide how to celebrate!  After it's all final, I can't wait to do something fun and maybe get something special to commemorate my graduation with my MNSc!  It will be final on December 10!

Any ideas?


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Thankful

Hello Lovely Readers!

We are doing great at home, except for sleep.  I'm almost done with clinical...only one more day after today!  One more test, and my defense.  This time next week, I will be finished!!!!!  I can't wait to have my MNSc! 

Right now I am praying for the right job to give me time with Avery.  I'm praying about finances, and passing my test to be credentialed as an APN. But this post is about what I'm thankful for...


I think this is our first family picture...Steve is so proud!

That afternoon...Momma and Daddy are so proud!

Proud daddy!
I'm so thankful for my amazing husband Steve.  He has been nothing but amazing since Avery was born.  We get a bit frustrated at each other because of lack of sleep.  I'm so amazed that God gave me such a precious husband.  He cooks for me, helps clean the house, and does anything he can to care for Avery. 
Sleepy girl

First bath..she doesn't mind it!

Before our Sunday school harvest party...2 weeks old!

Smiley at 6 weeks!

Love this smiley pic!

Sleepy girl at 6 weeks and 6 days!

NICU bililights...

Newborn shoot with Aunt Leigh Anne!

I'm thankful for our sweet girl Avery Grace.  She is so precious, even when she's screaming her little head off.  I prayed so long and hard for her, I try to treasure every moment in case she is our only child.  Every day she does something else amazing.  Last week she smiled...this week she is pushing up from her tummy and holding her head up FOREVER!  She's growing up so fast!  I can't believe she is almost 8 weeks old!
My dad (Grampa) and Avery as Rachael (sis in law) looks on

My mom (Gramma) and Avery on Halloween
I'm thankful for my parents.  Mom is keeping Avery while I go to school and back to work.  She and Dad are so sweet with her.  I can go somewhere and be calm because she is with the best babysitter I could ask for.  My parents have always been my biggest support and encouragers.  My mom is the best listener and most supportive mom/best friend I could ask for.  When I need to rant and rave and talk for four hours about nothing, I can always call her.  I hope Avery and I are that close someday. 
GrandMary and Avery

Papa (my father in law) and Avery
I'm thankful for my inlaws.  Terry and Mary have always been so gracious and welcoming for the 8 years I have known them.  They are so fun to watch with Avery...they fight over her continually when we are all together!  I know they are faithful in prayer for us, and count on Mary as an amazing prayer warrior.  I'm thankful they raised such an amazing man too!
Geyer Springs First Baptist Church
I'm thankful for our church.  We met there, were married by staff from GS, and are continually challenged and supported by the messages.  We love hearing Gods word every week.  It is probably what I miss most with Avery.  We can get to Sunday school, but with breastfeeding I'm not sure how I'm going to work out going to service, Sunday school and Sunday lunch.  God understands!
Shuler Clan!
My brother Chris and his wife Rachael

I could go on individually about my brother and his wife and all of the Shuler clan, and all my friends.  I'm so thankful for all the people in our lives! 

Most of all I am thankful for Jesus and salvation.  I know that sounds all "churchy" but it is true.  Going through infertility last year, then being pregnant all year, I have prayed more now than at any time in my life.  I feel so much closer to God now than I have since college.  He has brought me so much comfort and peace through all of this.  I have such a testimony of faith for Him and His glory after this year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


We left the hospital Sunday October 3 and went home for the first night.  On Monday we had to come back to UAMS for a bilirubin check.  Steve and I got up, took our time getting ready and got Avery all decked out.  We planned on heading to lunch, then stopping by Steve's work to show her off.  That all changed after they drew her blood. 

The resident came out and said her bilirubin level was too high and she had to be admitted to the NICU.  I was in shock.  We just walked in and let them take over.  Avery got her first pacifier, stripped down, goggles on, and into the tanning lights she went.  It was awful not being able to hold her.  The next blow was the realization that we had to stay overnight.  Steve went home to get some supplies for me so I could stay with her and continue breastfeeding. 

The Lord was truly looking out for us.  One of my friends from the ER's mom was the charge nurse and came by to make sure I was ok.  She moved us to a larger room that had a bathroom since I was staying and dealing with all the postpartum mommy "stuff."  It was so nice of her to give us more privacy, a TV, a bathroom (with a shower!) and she just kept taking care of us.  She picked my nurses and came by every day to check on us.  I am so thankful for her kindness.  My mom was a huge help too.  She brought us food and sat with me while Steve was home sleeping.  His family came by one night and brought food and company too.  I was so upset the whole time we were there.  I still don't like to think about our time there.  When the lady from the march of dimes came in I just kept thinking...."I have a healthy term baby, why is she in the NICU...I shouldn't be upset, the baby next door was born too early and is fed through a tube and isn't even 5 lbs yet after almost 3 months..."  I didn't want visitors, I just wanted to hold Avery and to maybe get a few hours of sleep.  In between feeding her every three hours and pumping milk, I wasn't sleeping at all.  I got pretty sleep deprived and very upset.  We had a blow come when they said her bili was better but she had lost too much weight and wasn't peeing enough.  They were blaming it on my breastfeeding.  I felt like such a failure.  I told everyone....give her formula, give her my breastmilk and measure it...whatever it takes, just let me take her home!

They started pre and post feeding weights, and I had to keep her awake and eating, it was awful.  She would eat for an hour and then I would have to keep her awake to take a bottle. 

Overall, it was ok.  I hated it, I won't lie.  We did learn alot about breastfeeding, keeping her healthy, pumping, and started her on a schedule.  I guess that's why God put us there, and the sweet family we met while we were there. 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Newborn Pictures!

Steve's sister Leigh Anne is a very talented amateur photographer.  Here is what she came up with for Avery!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Avery Grace Shuler is here!

Hello Lovely Readers!

Avery is here!  She arrived at 6:18 am on October 2, 2010.  She weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and was 20 inches long at birth.  Here is her birth story.....

 I had a preeclampsia scare the week before Avery's birth and stayed home from work and school for 5 days.  During that time mom helped me finish the nursery and we washed all Avery's clothes and organized everything, as well as picking up the items we were missing from Target.  On the way to UAMS on that Thursday, my car stalled at a red light and I had to work for 5 minutes or so to restart it.  On Tuesday September 28, my OB said I was fine and "you are just pregnant, you can go back to work."  I was a bit frustrated that I "wasted" a week of my leave sitting down and making my mom help me.  Wednesday I went back to class and did a presentation, feet were swollen but fine.  Thursday I went to work and everyone was shocked to see me there...they actually had not written me into the schedule because they thought I was gone until Avery arrived!  I worked my 12 hour shift and Steve drove me and picked me up due to car issues.

So Friday...Steve worked the 10 pm show so he could help me car shop!  We were planning on buying a used car or a new civic, depending on how good of a deal Steve's friend Jessica could get us...her dad is big at Bale Honda.  I got a 2010 Honda Accord!
While they were processing the loan, Steve and I had brunch at Mimis, then I borrowed his truck to go get my hair done after dropping him off at work.  I then picked him up, picked up my Maxima, and we went to Bale to pick up my new car.  He took this picture then! I went to pick up my friend Felicia and we went and got pedicures, then to buy a car seat base for my new car at Babies R Us, then to get ice cream.

I had been having "braxton hicks" all day, and while we were at TCBY they got pretty bad.  Felicia started commenting about them and I decided to take her home and head home.  I prayed all the way home that my water wouldn't break in my new car!  I got home, laid on the couch, and tried to decide if they were real or not...I got out my iphone and started googling and timing contractions.  By 9 pm they were 5 minutes apart most of the time, but if I got up and walked around I felt ok, so I was unsure if I needed to call Steve at work.  By 10 pm I was pretty sure they were real.  I let Steve know we needed to head to the hospital via text, and that he could finish his show and then come and get me.

He got home at 1045 and was pretty excited!  He thought I might be in false labor, but we packed bags and headed to UAMS.  We arrived, went up to triage, and at 1145 the resident checked me and said "you are going to have a baby tonight, you're dilated to 5 cm and I tried to break your water but I can't...do you want your epidural and us to break your water?"  I said yes!  Steve called mom and dad, who were in Eureka Springs at a Corvette convention.  They were dead asleep and mom had to drive home on all the curvy roads in the dark in their 1970 corvette.  They moved us into a room in labor and delivery and within 30 minutes my brother and his wife arrived, then my aunt Rinda and uncle Billy arrived too!  We told Terry and Mary to get some sleep, it would be awhile.  They came in at 0130 to put in my epidural and catheter (yuck) and had some trouble getting the epidural to numb both sides.  Then the ob resident was supposed to break my water and had to run and deliver a baby.  They didn't break my water for about another hour.  My L and D nurse was amazing, and she started pitocin to speed up my labor after mom and dad got there.  I really wanted to have my baby before Andrea went home, so at 530 I started pushing.  Andrea almost delivered my baby, since the doctors were delivering a NICU baby next door.  One of the residents walked in, got dressed, and in 2 more pushes Avery was here!  Steve was helping hold up my right leg and another nurse was holding up my left leg...Andrea helped with counting and telling me to push while guiding Avery down!  (Side note...it didn't hurt very bad AT ALL.  I highly recommend epidurals!)

As soon as she was here they put her on my chest and started cleaning her up, then took her to the isolette to do all the shots and APGAR and warming and getting her cleaned up.  The OB attending came in and looked at her and the pediatric team was there just in case.  I was so amazed at the whole situation...Steve was in awe of her and I barely felt delivering the placenta or the stitches because I was so emotional.  I cried happy tears!  6:18 am....I had barely been in the hospital for 6 hours!  I was so amazed at how EASY I felt everything was.  (It may have been the drugs!)  They had me try to breastfeed from 0705 until 0720...then at 0730 everyone got to come in and meet her!
Pre delivery!  Ice and epidurals!
My amazing nurse!
With our sweet girl!
Her daddy kisses her all the time!
The second time I held her...the first time the nurses were cleaning her and warming her up!
Welcome baby!

More to come on our NICU stay, and how we've done at home!  Thanks for all the support!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Avery...

Hello Lovely Readers!
It occurred to me during my 5th night of insomnia that I haven't written a letter to Avery...I've only written one to our baby before we knew she was a girl!  Since my goal through documenting all of this pregnancy is to get it made into a book for her, I think it's time for another letter! 

Dear Avery:
It's getting close!  I can't wait to see your face and tickle your tummy and look in your eyes and count your toes.  We are so blessed, my dear one.  You kick me all the time now.  You love keeping your sweet little booty right under my ribs on the right side.  You've been on my right side since you were about 20 weeks.  I don't know what makes you like that side so much!  When we were about 21 weeks along, a patient's mom asked if she could do energy work on you.  I don't really believe in that, but I allowed her and she told me where you were..and you haven't moved!  Jill and I were visiting Sunday and Mason prefers her left side.  I'm thankful you aren't on my stomach...though I'm starting to get reflux!

Your gramma and I finished your room this week.  We hung all the pictures, put the baby monitor up, arranged your closet, filled your toy box, and washed all your clothes, bottles, burp cloths, and bibs.  I packed your hospital bag with 3 going home outfits.  I'm a little ridiculous right now, the hormones are at an all time high, and stress has been a big factor, but I think you NEED 3 outfits.  Today we find out if I have preeclampsia and if I have to go on bedrest or if it is nearly time to meet you, or if I go back to work.  All of me wants you out of there and in my arms where I can share you with your daddy.  He wants to hold you so much!  A very very small part of me will miss this time, where only I can hold you and keep you safe.  It occured to me a few months ago this is the only time of your life where I will be with you 24 hours a day ever...and it will get less and less as you grow up.  I think about my relationship with mom and how it has grown through this pregnancy and bonding over you, sweet baby.  I'm so thankful to have such an amazing mom who continues to sacrifice for me.  I hope I am just as wonderful to you, my miracle.

I had dinner with Papa and GrandMary this weekend when your Auntie Laura came home from ASU.  Your Papa always prays over our food before we eat, and this week the prayer was all about you and me.  He prayed for your safety through delivery and for me to carry you until you were ready.  He is so excited to meet you!  Your GrandMary finally realized she is going to be a grandma during my hospital visit this week.  She is about to burst, but if she says one more time "wouldn't it be fun if she were a boy" I might have to hurt her.  She has been warned.  :)  At your last ultrasound they made a DVD and you are STILL a girl.  The best part was they did a 3 D of your face.  You are so beautiful!  Your Aunt Lee Lee is going to take some maternity pictures tomorrow.  She has been busy making you tutus and hairbows.  She works in a daycare, and I know she wants a baby too, so I know she will be spoiling you rotten and taking lots of pictures.  You better learn how to close your eyes when she uses the flash or she might upset you!  Your GrandMary asked me Friday night  "Did I know or could I imagine how many people are so happy that you are having a baby?"  I can't, dear one.  You have such a large loving family.  I have no idea how many people already love you.  I have a list of people who I need to write thank you cards to that grows daily! 

The blessings go on and on my sweet baby girl.  When you arrive, I'll have to go back to school for a few weeks.  It is going to be so hard on both of us, but by mid December, I'll be done with school and only have to work 3 days a week.  Your gramma will be taking care of you, she decided to quit her job about a month ago and has been cleaning her house like crazy to make room for you.  I still need to buy her a couple things to help keep you happy when you are at her house, but I know she will spoil you rotten!  Your grampa cut a board for your baby monitor this week, and signed it in his signature pencil and dated it.  He tried very hard to hang 2 shelves in your room but could only hang one.  He did go to hobby lobby to buy your letters for your name, and your gramma and I glued ribbon to them and hung them above your bed.  He has such a sweet spirit and loves you so.  I know he is so ready for your arrival.  When I was in the hospital last week, he was the first to arrive.  He keeps talking about wearing the T-shirt he wore to the hospital when I was born to your birth!

Speaking of blessings, your great grandpa is turning 90 on October 2.  How sweet you will have the chance to meet your great grandparents!  I never got to meet either set of mine or one set of grandparents.  Your great grandma Nanny will hopefully get to meet you at Thanksgiving.  That will be a fun car ride...its only about 12-14 hours to her house.  I hope you sleep well during the ride!  We will have to be sure to pack the two blankets she made you! 

Your daddy is so excited.  He loves to feel you move and kick inside my tummy.  I like to move his hand around and tell him where your legs and arms and booty are.  You will surely be a soccer player with all the kicks!  He is taking me to the doctor today.  Just to keep you safe, he decided we won't go to St. Louis to the Emmys this year.  I hope he wins it, and we will watch it online.  Maybe you will be here and watch it with us!  He has put up with a lot of crazy from me, and has been so loving and kind through all of this pregnancy.  I can still see his face when he told our doctor we wanted to try Clomid and still hear his voice when I showed him the test.  His first words were "Our whole lives just changed."  Little did I know then how true they were and are with your coming arrival.  Our friends Alan and Jessica and Brad and Susan just had their little boys this past week.  They were actually in the hospital together!  I have been praying so much for those two families with their new bundles of joy!  I'm jealous that they are holding their babies and loving on them already!

As for me, I am dying to meet you, but hoping I get to feel all this again with a brother or sister for you.  The unfortunate thing about PCOS and infertility is that you are never sure if you will have another baby.  Some people say it just gets everything going and its easy to have another baby.  Some people like my dear friend have a 5 year old and can't get pregnant again so far.  It makes me want you to stay safe inside me for a few more days or weeks, just because once you are out, you can't ever go back in.  I may never feel these flutters and kicks again.  You are so precious to me, Miss Avery.  Your dad and I found out a few weeks ago your name means wise.  What a coincidence that is what your dad's name means too!  I can't think of a more perfect way to name you, to wish on you a life filled with wisdom and grace.  I'm sure your great grandma appreciates that it is French in origin and your great grandpa that Grace was his mother's name. 

The Lord has a special plan for your life, and wanted you to be born at this time.  He knows I wanted you years ago.  He knows I cried and begged for you months before he started knitting you together inside of me.  For some reason I won't know this side of heaven, He made me wait for you.  His infinite wisdom has guided every part of your life so far, and I know He won't leave us now or in the future.  I can't help but pray to meet you soon....with my health this week I want you out of me and safe in my arms.  I pray for the doctors guidance today and for his decision to be what God wants for our family.  Selfishly, I want him to say "It's time, you get to meet her today!" or to say "Let's induce on ????????"  More likely, he will say "All is well, let's wait on her."  Its only 2 more weeks and 3 more days until you are supposed to arrive anyway!  If you are late, I'll forgive you, but I'm getting anxious! 

I can't wait to see what you look like, your dad or me, your hair color (if you have any hair), I'm sure your eyes will be blue, as most babies eyes are and your dad and mine are both blue, and if you have any beauty marks in the same places as mine.  I have a few in the same place as your grampa and uncle Chris.....so it's likely!  I hope you get my perfect teeth (when they arrive) and your dad's hair color of auburn.  I hope you get my skin, as your dad is miserable when he is outside for very long and sunburns easily.  I hope you get his easy temper, and his ability to relax.  I hope you get his athletic ability, as I can't do any sport well but running.  I hope you get my determination and need to help others.  Most of all, I hope you realize your need for Jesus and surrender your life to him.  There is so much I want for you, dear one, but nothing is as important as what God has planned for you and wants from your life. 

I have longed for years to be a mother.  When you arrive, I'll finally officially be one.  I'm trying to be realistic and realize it won't all be perfect, but I can't help but anticipate all the blessings from your birth.  The Lord loves you so much, and has blessed me and your dad with you so much already.  We love you more than anything but the Lord and each other.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Hard Week, and the Nursery Reveal!

Hello Lovely Readers!
It's been a busy and hard last couple of weeks.  My car has been in and out of the shop with some major problems and is still not fixed.  This has really hurt my school and work schedule, and put me behind on my clinical hours.  More than that, my car is dying randomly and at very inconvenient times....more on that later.

I finished my portfolio and got it bound and printed, but depending on how this baby thing is going, not sure if I will defend on my date or have to move it...plus one of my committee members is going to be in Hawaii for my defense.  Not sure how that happened, but if my defense moves, she will still serve on my committee.  I'm having to give this and my 130 hours left to the Lord...I'm so frustrated with school.  I made a D on my first test and thankfully my teacher curved it to a 78, but an 80 is passing in nurse practitioner school.  I'll have to pull it up with my last two tests.

So the big news...Thursday morning I woke up at 4 am with contractions.  I thought my water might have broken, so I woke up Steve and we timed contractions.  By 6 am they had stopped and I figured it was just Braxton Hicks.  At 9 am I was at school and my teacher Ellen came to visit me for my site visit.  She has known me for a while and I consider her a friend, and her first words were..."you look terrible!"  I was short of breath and my feet were very swollen, worse than they usually are at night.  She made me promise to call my doctor, and when I did, they told me to go straight to L and D for evaluation.  My car died on the mile long trip between St. Vincent and UAMS, and took me a few minutes to get started.  I was on the phone with my mom and we were both cussing like sailors and I was about to cry...stupid car!  I got it into the parking deck and couldn't find a parking spot, and it almost died again..I parked in the furthest place from the door (the only spot I found) and walked in.  I made it up to L and D and was checked in.  To make a long story short, they said the baby was fine, I might have preeclampsia, and to "take it easy".  I'm dilated to 3 and 50 percent effaced, and she's at minus one station.  Since I was at 1 at my last appointment, this means she is moving for sure. If you know me or have read my blog at all, I have never taken it easy.  I specifically asked about bed rest and was told to do "normal activities."  I told the MD what my normal activities are, and she advised me to stay home until I see my doctor on Tuesday.  My lab and urine were normal, and my blood pressure was only high once, but I have had several of the symptoms like blurred vision, headaches, etc.  I blamed it all on being 37 weeks pregnant.  Today I have to do a 24 hour urine collection and take it in to be tested for protein.  Needless to say, I have not done well sitting.  I have woken up every day at 4 am with contractions and it's been really hard to get around.  Unless something changes, I think I won't be back at work.  Hopefully tomorrow they will either tell me its time to have the baby, or that I can at least go back to clinical.  

Steve is hurt, he is wearing a boot on his right leg from a soccer injury.  He can't really do a lot for me since he is in pain.  My parents have done so much for us over the last few days.  Mom helped me finish the nursery and buy the last few things I wanted and needed, and dad mowed our yard and is working with Nissan to get my car fixed.  Mom has also been driving me around to do errands and cleaned my whole house and helped me do a million loads of laundry.  I've been stressed about the nursery not having everything put together and the things up on the wall and the clothes washed, etc.  That is all done now!

The beautiful wreath Rachael made me...I can't wait to hang it on the front door when she gets here!  Right now it is hanging inside her closet!
Her closet!  I know it is full, but I choose to think it is full of blessings to Steve and I and can't wait to put her in all the little outfits! 
Her bouncer!  I got it at Rhea Lana's consignment for $15 and I can't wait to sit her in it!

On her dresser/changing area...a wipe warmer, diaper basket with butt paste, a diaper cake Rachael made with her piggy bank, and a sweet pink container from Mary with her pacifiers (for later!).
 The all important diaper pail, and the pink hamper I found at Garden Ridge for $12!

The ugly chair....remade!  I still want to paint it white but I love what Rachael did with the cushions!!!
 The graco sweetpeace swing, purchased from a lady at work for only $75!  Steve is a fan, he loves that you can plug up an ipod!
The sweetest picture...from our dear friends Paul and Kelly.  It's hung with command strips because we couldn't find studs to hang all my shelves!

The letters!  I have wanted wooden nursery letters since the day we found out she was a girl!  Dad picked up the letters at hobby lobby for fifty percent off, mom and I picked up ribbon at walmart, and I hot glued them together!  Mom hung them while she made me sit down.  She was a little upset they aren't centered, but I don't care!  I may get all OCD later and move them, but I think they are so sweet!
An old picture of the bedding....it is the spring bouquet set from pottery barn kids!  I love it!

A picture with the quilt!

Another old picture with the crib and bedding!

The shelf project gone awry!  We were going to hang two shelves above the dresser for decor, but could only find the studs in the wall for one shelf.  After a trip to Lowes and getting sheetrock screws, it was still impossible to hang the second shelf.  Mom covered up the nails and screws with frames, and arranged some of my decor on the top shelf.  I'm pondering what I can hang on this wall....I'm thinking her quilt?  I won't be using it in the crib due to the SIDS risk, so I am thinking of hanging it.  I also have my care bear quilt from my babyhood and a sweet pink and green quilt from my cousin Michelle I wanted to hang.  The quilt from Michelle is more of a forest green, so it would really clash.  Any ideas?  Anyone know how to hang a quilt on the wall without damaging it?


I hope you enjoyed getting to see the nursery!  I'm praying for the Lord's guidance and timing through these next few weeks, as well as guidance about work, school, my defense, and Avery's pending arrival.  He knows all and is not surprised....I am clinging to his promises and know it will all work out...please pray for Steve's foot and for us as we transition to parenthood....all of pregnancy has been so easy for me this last week has really taken me by surprise!  I hate not being able to work, but as Steve says, my job right now is to keep her safe and myself healthy.  Please contact me if you want to, I am really missing my friends!  Don't think I am too busy for you!

Love you,