Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Changes in Plans....Memphis and Baby Shopping!

Hello Lovely Readers!
So Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary! We celebrated by working then having dinner at 1620 and exchanging cards. 

Saturday we headed to Memphis to spend some time together shopping and eating out.  We started at the Pottery Barn Kids outlet, since my bedding (see previous post) was taken off sale....

And we found some!  It's not the same but is $100 cheaper once we order the quilt that was not at the outlet!
We bought the bumper, sheet, and crib skirt for $89!  It was originally $159 and is on the website for $129. 
We ordered the quilt and an extra sheet...I am trying to decide if the quilted pillow (immediately above) is worth $38 plus shipping (monogrammed and with the pillow insert).

We then went to the Williams Sonoma outlet and back to pottery barn. Steve got the great white square dinner plates he has wanted for years!

Then we headed to the soccer store and Steve got a goalie jersey, shorts, and new socks.  He was thrilled and it was his anniversary/birthday present!

After that we headed to Bartlett/Cordova/Germantown to shop.  We went in search of the Nike store and ended up at the factory, then back to Dick's sporting goods hunting for a team USA world cup jersey.  They were all smalls or mediums :(

We went to a really awesome baby story called Baby Time, but everything was SOOOOO expensive.  We did make some decisions about changing table vs. dresser, hutch vs. shelving, colors, and brands.  It was nice to have Steve's input!

Then to Joe's Crab Shack!  Steve has been talking about it all week!
He was so excited!
I got coconut shrimp, tilapia, a crab cake, and veggies and rice!

After we ate, I dragged Steve to Babies R Us.  They pretty much had what we have here in LR so we left pretty quickly.

We then went to the mall and got about halfway around before it closed.  Then to sleep!

This morning we got up (too early) and ate at Waffle House, then stopped at PetSmart and tried to shop, but all the stores were closed.  We walked through Big Lots and decided to get on the road.

Here are pictures of the actual bedding we bought and few sweet things!
The sheet....I ordered an extra when we ordered the quilt!
The bed skirt!
The bumper unrolled!
The other set we found at PBK was the B is for Bunny set and we fell in love with this sweet rabbit!
A steal for $12!
We went to GAP and Steve picked out these onesies.  I know they were overpriced at $18, but I thought it was so sweet he picked them out!!!

So here are the other things I now want for her room!
I love these mirrors!  It would be great to find them for a better price!  (pbk website)
These hooks are so sweet!  Unfortunately they are also almost $20 a piece....let's find them somewhere else!!
I love pottery barn baskets!  The bedding has some pink gingham so I am on the hunt for pink gingham and white!  I WILL NOT pay pottery barn prices for these!
I will find these shelves for cheaper!  I love the items on them and how they are arranged! 
I know these first year frames are so cute!  I will have to keep looking for this too....I don't want to pay $49 for it!
These art prints are on Etsy for $15...I may have to splurge after I see how the room is coming together!
Another Etsy find...$5 a piece.  I could do that, right??

So more changes....I convinced Steve to go with a white crib and dresser!  Yay! 
Here is my new pick for crib and dresser!

I love the Graco Victoria Crib!!!  It is $200 at walmart.com and converts to a full size bed!
I also love this Graco three drawer dresser!  I can just see her changing pad on it now with shelves above!  It is $290!

I'm still on the hunt for an upholstered glider.  Help!!!!



  1. Look at TJ Max for the baskets and find someone to monogram them for you. Also, check out Hobby Lobby for the flower hooks- ours had their gardening already marked to 50% off, and it looked like it would stay that way!

  2. Thanks Elaine! I don't have a lot of time to shop so I need direction! :)

  3. Jen, I love the bedding! So cute! Claire's bedding is from PBK as well and I got it for a steal on Ebay. It always feels great to get a good bargain doesn't it!! : )

    What shade of green is that on your walls? (if you don't mind me asking) We've tried many shades of green and still cannot find one that we can settle on! It's hard!

    Everything you've picked out is so cute! Aren't girls so much fun?!! : )

    Sunshine (for some reason I can only post as make life delicious : )

  4. Sunshine- Thanks! Which set of bedding did you get? It is green grapes on the wall, I think it was olympic paint. We got it at Lowe's in Bryant and I still have the card somewhere. You are welcome to come over and look at it and see if it would look good in Claire's room! Jen

  5. Make your baby's choice first so that your baby feel happy and enjoy with the nice and lovable bedding.

    baby girl bedding

  6. Congrats on the girl! Love all the stuff you picked out. Try to control yourself with clothes - there is so much cute little girl stuff out there! You're smart not to pay full price for everything. The floral/butterfly theme is pretty easy to find. If you have time on Saturday mornings you should go to yard sales. Bargains galore on baby stuff!

  7. Thanks Shelly! I did the best I could and swore to Steve I was done shopping! As soon as I have some time I plan on hitting the sales!

  8. We got the "Katie" bedding and I love it! Little Claire should be able to grow in to it for a good while since it is a quilted pattern.

    I'll check out Lowe's for the paint color. We have only gone to Home Depot looking for colors so far. There's one I like 'ok' but would like to look at a few more colors before deciding.

    Don't you just love Etsy?! I can spend forever just looking around at all of the awesome stuff that is on there!