Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

22 weeks and 4 days update!

Hello Lovely Readers!
Here is the semi-weekly update along with school and job countdowns!  Please pray for me as I transition jobs!

Pregnancy update
How far along? 22 weeks 4 days!

Total weight gain: 20 pounds so far....ugh!

Maternity clothes?: All I'm wearing....not even attempting regular clothes since I found out about the 20 lb wt gain...on the plus side, I have only gained 5 lbs more than I have ever weighed!

Sleep: Never enough.  Since I went back to school three weeks ago, I can't get enough rest and ALWAYS have a headache. 

Cravings: foood......doesn't matter what kind. 

Best moment this week: Shopping with mom Saturday.  Can't wait for the stroller blanket and diaper cover to come in!  I'll take pictures!

Movement: 99% sure I felt it! 

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: none yet, thank God!

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: Being able to walk fast....I am starting to really slow down due to SI joint pain and pelvic pain

Weekly Wisdom: DO NOT spend money on baby stuff.  DO NOT spend money on baby stuff.  I am so tempted to buy the crib pillow ($38) and I need to recover and paint the glider!

Milestones: Feeling her move, for 99% sure this time.

Favorite Moments: Picking up the FREE glider from a friend (we will have to paint it and recover the cushions...but it was free!)  Shopping with mom for a stroller blanket and diaper cover, getting sweet baby clothes from my brother and his wife, and getting the crib quilt and extra sheet in from pottery barn!  I can't wait to order furniture this WEEKEND!!!!

Countdown to ER
5 shifts left in IR...no more call....still waiting on my ER schedule but I should start on June 29!

School countdown
3 weeks down 7 to go...one paper down, 4 to go, site visit DONE, big paper, clinical case poster presentation, 3 tests, and 133 hours of clinical time!  (Must take one test this week and get one paper done....need to do the paper tonight!)  Must start on Portfolio (first section due July 13) and get all my dates together for FALL!  I can't wait to finish my masters before this baby gets here!

Love you,

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