Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Monday, April 11, 2011

6 months and new job...

Hello Lovely Readers!
Avery is six months old!  It is crazy!  Here are some reasons she is AWESOME...
She is 17.1 lbs and 27 inches long!
She wears some 6-9 clothes and mostly 12 mo clothes.
Eating 2 meals of baby food and juice daily.
Sleeping through the night again!
Moved to a big girl car seat! 
Has a routine and loves it....bottle between 6-7, bottle at 10, nap, meal at 1230, nap sometime in afternoon, bottle at 3, meal at 6, bath, bottle at 730, sleeps all night!
Loves to stand and can sit up a little! 
Loves the exersaucer!
Growing like a weed....loves walks in the stroller, grandmas, momma, and all things girly.  She loves flowers and trees and watching the wind blow leaves around. 

Big news for me...I got my first APN job!  I officially start April 25, and I am going in tomorrow to observe.  I will in an office doing follow up care for patients with chronic pain who are having procedure based care.  I am so excited because it is great hours and great money, with no weekends or call!  We have made a plan to get out of debt and will make that our first priority.  To celebrate my dear friend Angela sent me flowers, and I went clothes and makeup shopping.  I need to look very professional and with my recent hair cut...(forgot to blog about that...basically made a snap decision and am just getting over it 4 weeks later.  I do like it now but hated it at first), now with makeup and clothes I feel the part of an APN!

Wish me luck!

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