Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Back to Basics


I have no idea if anyone reads these blogs any more, but I've decided to move my blog back here and leave Go Daddy.  I know I lost a few posts, but not anything that would break my heart.  I'm hoping to just get back to basics with blogging, just writing how I feel, when I want to do so.

I'm excited to be working back at my first APRN job.  It's going well, and I'm loving 4 day work weeks.

I'm so excited to go on vacation soon to NC and to see our family.  I'm ready to be a bridesmaid for my BFF Fe in Houston in December.  Life is good!

If you are reading, pray for us as we try to have baby #2!  The process for Avery was so mentally and physically tough, I'm trying to approach this attempt with grace and humility, accepting God's will in all things.  Steve and I both feel led to this, but are not sure if it is by childbirth or adoption.

We appreciate your prayers!


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