Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Sunday, August 23, 2009


So many of my friends have a blog, so I am going to try it out. I recently turned 26 and started reflecting on my life. I had so many goals I thought I would achieve by now...I am not sure what has happened. I thought I would be a mommy, be a little closer to finishing grad school to be an APN, and I thought I would have lost all the weight I've gained in my four years of marriage.

So things I can change...the weight. I decided to start running in February and love it. I just finished week two of the Little Rock Marathon marathon build up. My goal is to run the St. Judes half marathon December 5 and the full LR marathon in March. I want to get to my best weight in a healthy way, and running is great for your heart.

Today's weight is 205. Ouch. I weighed 160 or so in college, 180 after a year of marriage, and last summer I finally had to go up to a size 14 (very traumatic) so now I just don't go shopping for anything but purses, shirts, and shoes. Every once in a while I will buy a dress. I think I only have 5 pairs of pants that fit because I know I will get the weight off. My goal is to get back to 160 by next summer. Since I started running, at first I lost 10 pounds but I have gained 5 back. I have some great friends who focus on health who have been so supportive.

I started back to grad school Friday. I am retaking a class I have already taken so it is fine so far. I just need to buckle down!

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