Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Monday, August 31, 2009


I have been doing well running, Steve and I worked on some issues this weekend, and I get to see my best friend this weekend in Chicago!

But school....blech. I am sitting here looking at a stack of papers I need to go through and write, and I have time, but I have NO motivation. I love what I do, and I want to be an APN, but why do they torture us for no good reason? I don't think I will ever write an extensive H and P after I graduate...ever. But I will for now, and for a while until I finish.

School has been so hard, I know I am blessed to get to go and to get to go for a cheap price, but it has really impacted my work goals. I was emailed a great job opportunity last week and called about it, and as soon as I asked about school I was shut down by the application coordinator. I think I would love this job and do well at it, but I know I need to just stay where I am since my manager has promised to work with me through my education.

I enjoy my current job, and today it has been an absolute breeze... but I long for some of the things I did in staff education, like lecturing, creating and coordinating events, and making a larger impact on patient care than just the ones I touch at work each day. I took a leap of faith and emailed the VA coordinator about this job...I listed my qualifications and why I thought I would be a perfect candidate, and I even told her I didn't find the job, that a friend found it and sent it to me.

God only knows what will happen! I will be praying!