Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Busy Week!

Hello Lovely Readers!
Its been a busy week!  I worked last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at my new job in the Emergency Room.  I really like it so far! 
Friday night we went out with friends to the House Bar.  It was fun but bittersweet to say goodbye to our dear friend Sandra who is moving on to a better job but not leaving the city.  

Saturday we had a huge family cookout and my father in law smoked ribs!  As a barbecue judge, I get really excited about ribs!  They were wonderful!  It was great to get to see our family and celebrate the fourth of July!

Sunday we went to church, Sekisui, to see my mom, then came home and started assembling the crib!  Church had a really touching song and moment where they mirrored Iwo Jima with a group of men out of uniform holding up a cross instead of a flag, and on the other side they had the soldiers with the flag.  Not going to lie, I cried a bit.  Sunday was a great day, our dear friends Matt and Diana welcomed their precious baby girl into the world!  We have been praying for this baby for so long and I can't wait to meet her!

Monday I had to go to clinical, but got out early.  We spent some time on the dresser, then I went to see Eclipse!  I really enjoyed dinner at Mimi's Cafe then a movie night with the girls!
 Tuesday I went to clinical and got out early again.  We finished the dresser and got Avery's room cleaned and took some pictures.  We finished out the evening with some Mad Men and Steve got to feel Avery move! I can't tell you how it made him feel but I was so thrilled!

Today is my "off" day.  I am doing homework and studying for a test that I am taking later tonight.  I meant to clean the house but I don't know if I can get it all done.  My goals for today are to study and take the test, start on a paper, and complete a poster for a school project.  I have two papers due next week as well and only have Sunday after church to work on them so I am getting a bit stressed.  So far today I have been lazy and relaxing...I'm starting to have trouble physically keeping up with all that I have to do.  It was painfully obvious as we tried to assemble nursery furniture...I don't get up and down as well as I used to! 

Please pray for my school...its going to be a breakneck pace until Summer semester ends July 31. 

If you know how to refinish a wood chair that has been varnished and recover cushions, I need some advice.  Someone gave us a glider for the nursery and it doesn't match at all!  I love going into her room but I hate looking at that glider!


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  1. I have never refinished a glider, but I'm pretty sure its relatively straightforward. If you can unscrew the cushions from underneath, then do that. Find the material that you want and cut it to so that it will wrap fully around the cushion and then use a staple gun to staple it taut to the back of the cushion. As far as the wood goes, just sand it down and either paint it or stain it in the color you want. Not to hard. YOU don't need to stain though because the fumes are bad. Make hubby do it. :)