Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Saturday, July 24, 2010

28 Weeks and 1 Day update!!!

Hello Lovely Readers!
Here is the semi-weekly update along with school countdowns!  Please pray for me as I transition jobs!

Pregnancy update
How far along? 28 weeks 1 day!

Total weight gain: 31 pounds so far....and I didn't weigh the last three weeks...I go to the OB on Tuesday so we will see!!

Maternity clothes?: Still loving the grey's anatomy scrubs, got two new cotton dresses since I refuse to wear pants.

Sleep: Sleeping better, Avery is pretty quiet at night and my 9-9 schedule leaves me feeling refreshed in the morning instead of exhausted!

Cravings: Dairy....and more dairy.  Steve has decided we should buy 2 gallons of milk at a time and he likes to buy me Ben and Jerry's to snack on all week!

Best moment this week: Last Saturday spending time with Mom, shopping and registering for showers.  I got pretty upset at Babies R Us because the stroller I wanted didn't have a box or label for me to scan and I couldn't figure out which one it was to google the safety information...then I looked all over the store and never found an associate...I am about to revise my registry and leave most of the things on the Target registry just because I am mad!   It was nice to relax with Mom for her birthday that night then celebrate with Mary on Sunday.  I always get stressed because their birthdays are the same day and I was brought up making a big deal out of birthdays...I tend to coordinate the parties for both every year so I get a little stressed!  All turned out well but Mary's present didn't arrive on time.  :(  It came yesterday and she will get it tomorrow!

Movement: Almost every day I feel her, Steve has felt her a few times....mom almost felt her today but she stopped kicking as soon as I got mom to feel my belly.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: none yet, thank God!

Belly Button in or out? In.....but stretching!

What I miss: Free time, and feeling attractive.  I feel like a big fat whale!  I try to keep my hair and nails nice and wear makeup every day, but sometimes nothing helps me feel like a woman not a cow.  I think next weekend after I get my hair done I might treat myself to a mani/pedi and see if that helps!  My toes are looking rough...haven't had my toes done in almost a year!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't get rattled.  I have let things get to me with finishing up school and starting a new job and had some days were I was very negative and took it out on Steve.  My mind is my worst enemy!

Milestones: Registering for showers and mailing invitations.....it is seeming really close now!

Favorite Moments:Walking around with the gun imagining Avery using all the sweet baby stuff, imagining myself out of school and off work spending time with her, and feeling her kick me at regular intervals through the day...I hope the wives tale about their sleep/wake cycles in the womb being the same as when they are born....I'll have an awesome baby who sleeps for hours at a stretch!

School update:

Friday is my last official day of school this summer.  I will have all the requirements done on Thursday.  I turned in my last paper about an hour ago and have 30 hours of clinical to do this week.  I have a test to take and plan to take it Tuesday after clinic.  I can't wait for a short break!  My goal is to get my graduate portfolio done and start on my fall paper so I can just concentrate on doing clinical and taking tests until Avery arrives!  Please pray she will stay put and I will feel well enough to get the 270 hours of clinical done after August 18 until she comes~by my calculations it will take 12 hour days, 23 of them to be exact, to get all the hours done.  When I counted my days off work this fall, it was 22 days with me working 12 hours of clinical on my due date....this baby cannot come early!!!!  I really don't want to use my vacation to get hours done because then I will have less time with her. 

I am secure that the Lord wants me to be an advanced practice nurse and he will make a way where there seems to be no way!  Please pray!

Work update....tomorrow I will work my first solo shift in ER.  I'm a little nervous but feel like I can do it, I hope my coworkers are nice and helpful (I am 90% sure they will be, but I don't know the weekend crew), and that I can do a good job taking care of my patients and not get frustrated.  I got frustrated on Friday with people who needed primary care who came to the ER and said they had chest pain just to get back to a room then told the MD a different story than they told me.  I got a bit jaded and calloused and wasn't my normal self with my patients....Lord keep me treating everyone the way I want to be treated!


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  1. Im so glad you are doing well! I miss our lunches! Good luck on your first ER solo shift. I know you'll do well. I know from working in short stay- it's difficult not to get jaded when dealing with certain patients, so dont feel bad. Hopefully it will get easier!