Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Evidently, I've been a good girl this year...

Hello lovely readers!
Steve just brought me home a new laptop (completely unexpected!) and a Nikon D3000 (I've wanted it for a while!)!  I have wanted a DSLR for a few years but have been scared of learning how to use one!  My computer was very slow and not doing well, so a new computer will save me a lot of headaches...I can't hardly believe it!  My 27th birthday is tomorrow...not believing that either!  

27 will bring a lot of changes....finishing my masters degree, becoming a mommy, and perhaps moving out of state for Steve's job.  I couldn't be more excited! 

Now for the fun to begin...I have to learn how to use a DSLR...help!  I have always been interested in photography and have a "good eye" as they say...but I don't know anything about lenses, settings, etc.  I basically know how to point and shoot.  It will be a fun project to work on with little Avery while I'm off on maternity leave!  I will have a captive subject!

The laptop is a huge blessing.  I normally blog and shop, etc on my husband's laptop.  Mine takes over 5 minutes to turn on and boot up.  It also takes a long time to search and pull up documents, and frequently crashes.  I've complained about it randomly but never imagined he would get me a new one!  I don't know a lot about computers but Steve does and frequently is "tech support" for my mom and me.  I can't wait to figure out the camera and learn to edit pictures on it!

The best part is tomorrow is my actual birthday!  I'll be working 7-7 then having dinner with my parents, brother and sister in law, and Steve.  I get to pick where we go, and I'm thinking Olive Garden!  With these temperatures, salad sounds wonderful! 

Today I had lunch with my inlaws and extended family!  We had KFC and chocolate cake...yum!  Mary and Terry and Laura gave me $50 for me (to spend as I wish...preferably on a pedicure per Mary) and $150 to buy a gift from them for Avery.  Mary suggested a pack and play or a glider since mine is ugly :( and not fixed yet. 

This week should be fun, I am working Monday Wednesday and Saturday.  The Rhea Lana consignment sale is Tuesday in West Little Rock so I plan to go there to shop and hopefully find a good deal on some nursery necessities.  My first shower is next Sunday (at my house) so I have to clean up this week...we are having a yard sale on Saturday to whittle down some of our extra belongings to make lots of room for Avery! 

Church today was a blessing as always...I can't wait for God to show me an open door and instruct me on how to go through it to bless others!

Lots of love,

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