Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good News....After Months of Waiting.

Hello Lovely Readers!

Today was my BIG follow up appointment with my OB/GYN.  I had my ultrasound early this morning to evaluate my cyst and an appointment with him 2 hours later. 

So while I had the ultrasound Steve sat in the room and watched the screen, and he didn't see a cyst.  We had breakfast and I was mentally celebrating.

We arrived at the doctors office and waited for a while for him.  As soon as he walked in he said my cyst was the same.  I was crushed.  He gave us our options and our choices.  Option #1, ignore the cyst, go home, and try to concieve.  Option #2, ignore the cyst, go home, and continue taking Metformin and take Clomid to try to concieve.  Option #3, go to a reproductive endocrinologist and do what they say. 

I just sat there crying.  I was so sure God would heal my cyst and it would finally be time to try to have a baby.  I didn't think 2 of our options included fertility drugs, not yet, not now.  The realization that my body just doesn't work like it should hit me and overwhelmed me.  Steve was such a rock.  He had a great conversation with our doctor and asked all the questions I should have been asking.  Our doctor asked for our thoughts and questions and I pulled myself together to ask a couple questions.  Steve and I have been praying about starting our family and he feels God is telling us to try.  Only He knows when we will be blessed with a baby. 

Steve and I talked quickly and decided to go forward with option 2...  Risks include the cyst growing, needing surgery to take it out, and a 10% chance that we'll have twins.  Like our doctor said, twins are fun on TV but a medical nightmare.  I have two friends who were affected by TTS and one lost her twins and one had emergency surgery and had hers a little early.  The Lord must have been looking out for us because today is the perfect day for me to start taking Clomid, it's Day 5 of my cycle. 

Please be praying!  I accept the Lords will for our lives and his plan.  I'm finally not angry any more.  I've accepted that I am overweight and have health risks and will need help to get pregnant.  For some reason, God made me this way.  I have faith that He will give me the desires of my heart (of our hearts) and plans only good, not evil for our family. 


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