Avery and Me

Avery and Me

Monday, October 5, 2009

Emmy Weekend!

Steve and I went to St. Louis this weekend for the Emmy Gala. We got up at 5 am on Saturday and drove in to St. Louis. We arrived, found out there was no early check in by phone, then went to eat at Pappy's Smokehouse. It was so good! Steve and I are barbeque judges and had judged the owner's BBQ before, so it was so good to see them and the food was delicious!

We headed to the hotel afterwards, checked in, then went to our room. It was a beautiful suite! The hotel was built in the 1920s and was lovingly restored. I loved the decor!

Then Steve went to an Emmy workshop and I went to my hair appointment. It is so fun to get dressed up!

We met back at the hotel, got ready and headed to the gala.
We didn't see anyone we knew, but I enjoyed seeing all the dresses! I made a mental best and worst dressed list while Steve looked for people he recognized.

The food was great, a salad, then chicken and fresh veggies with mushroom risotto. Dessert was a choice of chocolate mousse or lemon sorbet. I chose the chocolate!

The awards ceremony was fun, and a few people at our table won! Then it was Steves turn. He didn't win, but he was quick to point out what an honor it was to be nominated.

Sunday we slept in, then went to eat at Pappy's again. The travel channel was coming that afternoon to feature the restaurant! I had researched free things to do in St. Louis, and came up with the Zoo or the Anhauser Busch Brewery. It was cold and I had only brought light clothes, so we went to tour the brewery. It was so neat to see the Clydesdales!

After a long drive home we crashed! The pups were so glad to see us!

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